I started making games again! No time to explain. Here's the first:

When All You Have Is A Hammer, All Your Problems Start To Look Like Nails

Screenshot of level 10


More platform ports coming soon. Maybe a sequel.

Ludum Dare 27 was insane.

Cloud AtlasIn 60 Seconds

Screenshot of level 10


You have to be a speed reader and intimately familiar with the plot of the movie Cloud Atlas to stand a chance of getting through this game.

It is reminiscent of movie games the world over, where the very vaguest notion of the actual actions of the characters is crammed into a single mechanic and the plot of the original is hung over it like a carcass left to rot.

Also now Cloud Atlas In 5 Minutes

The 'easy' version.


World of Hammers

Screenshot World of Hammers

Unity player

A spiritual sequel to my first Ludum Dare game, a smashemup where you still have problems with hammers

You don't level up but the hammer does. Fortunately you can get smaller ones occasionally.