Ancient Games

Here's the first:

When All You Have Is A Hammer, All Your Problems Start To Look Like Nails

Screenshot of level 10


More platform ports coming soon. Maybe a sequel.

Ludum Dare 27 was insane:

Cloud AtlasIn 60 Seconds

Screenshot of level 10


You have to be a speed reader and intimately familiar with the plot of the movie Cloud Atlas to stand a chance of getting through this game.

It is reminiscent of movie games the world over, where the very vaguest notion of the actual actions of the characters is crammed into a single mechanic and the plot of the original is hung over it like a carcass left to rot.

Android has probably been updated so many times since I wrote this, these almost certainly don't work anymore. They probably only worked on my phone to begin with. They were terrible, all my playtesters hated it, it scored abysmally on Ludum Dare and I will never ever update this.

Also now Cloud Atlas In 5 Minutes

The 'easy' version.


Ludum Dare 28 was worse:

World of Hammers

Screenshot World of Hammers

Unity player

A spiritual sequel to my first Ludum Dare game, a smashemup where you still have problems with hammers

You don't level up but the hammer does. Fortunately you can get smaller ones occasionally.

Due to... everything, the unity web player this was written on no longer works with newer browers. Security or something. Anyway, there will be no port, pretty much for the same reasons as the game above. Also in both cases I haven't a clue where my original source ended up.